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Chicago term paper writing is not an easy task. Therefore a student is supposed to have writing skills which are needed in Chicago term paper writing. Also a student must have sufficient time in order to carry out the research to gather information which is needed in Chicago term paper writing. When writing the title page of the Chicago term paper, the title should be centered and double spaced and all should be in caps. Space down a few lines and write your name, course name, instructor’s name and date; all of these should be written in caps and lower cases. All the text should be double spaced and all paragraphs indented leaving one inch on all sides. Number all the pages consecutively except the title page. The numbering is done on the upper part of the paper where the header is created. Put the quotation marks to the text which is directly copied from the source. Make sure that you copy a text directly as it appears on the author’s book and give the author a credit which is given inform of superscript. But if you are copying five line or more, block quotation method is used i.e. the blocks should be single spaced with a half an inch from the left margin of the whole quotation. Remember to leave one blank line before and after the blocked quotation. For indirect quotations, include the name of the author and the place where the information was gathered from. The reference citation for Chicago style appears in three places i.e. either at the endnotes, or may appear at the footnotes and finally may be included in the bibliography page. The bibliography is normally at the end of the paper and the lists of the sources are arranged according to the alphabetical order. Sources like common dictionaries, pamphlets sacred text i.e. the bible is not necessary for them to e included in the bibliography page. The titles of the page i.e. the bibliography is centered and written in caps. Note that each entry is single spaced with one blank line left between the entries. Each source is written starting with the author’s last name.

 Challenges faced in Chicago term paper writing

Most of the students produce a low quality Chicago term paper reason being they have no idea of what the Chicago term paper is all about, hence ending up getting low marks.


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Chicago Term Papers Writing Tips

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Chicago Term Papers Writing Tips

This article was published on 2011/10/14