How to Write Introductory Paragraph of a Term Paper

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Introductory paragraph of a term paper is the most difficult and challenging part for a writer because it suggests a reader to decide whether he will continue reading or not. The opening section of your paper must start with the sentence that targets the readers’ interests. It sets pace and tone of the discussion and it is the foremost element that builds or breaks the impression of a paper.

For the introductory part, a writer should select interesting and attention grabbing words that compel a reader to move forward and read more. The first sentence leads into two or three sentences convey the details about the subject and process, initial sentences obviously build thesis statement that’s why it should be tactfully crafted. Initial sentences of the introduction should carry basic information of the topic as well as some sort of alluring effects that frequently engage your readers.

You should first select a topic for your paper, select one that interests you and one that is greatly discussed in the current time, this will help you to consistently and effectively write whatever you think and feel about the issue. Comprehensive knowledge would ultimately help you to write in a great flow and it also makes you able to think and come up with impressive terms and phrases that will surely craft an attention grabbing introduction.

The next step for writing introduction paragraph of your term paper is to narrow down the information to capture certain important aspects of the topic.Being a writer, you should have a stance because it will determine the focus of debate and the mode of discussion. If you are successfully incorporate your niche into the initial lines of opening paragraph then it would be manageable to continue on the same lines till the end. Unnecessary and irrelevant details would ruin the impact of an introduction so; try to be direct and precise from the very beginning of the paper.

Along with the topic introduction, you should present a concise outline of your topic that what you are intended to write. You might begin with an exciting quotation or fact, another idea is to put an interesting question to get your reader’s attention but all these starting strategies must be related to the topic you are working upon. After gaining the attentions, now its time to introduce the topic in a concise and clear way and present a thesis statement that would help to give a big picture of your theme.

Now, it is the instance when writer adds his own perception and vision regarding an issue. It is the foundation of your paper because term paper should not be treated as a simple essay; it is actually for the research practice. After all, it is a research project and requires analytical mindset although it is a very precise form of a thesis but it should be dealt like that.

Conclude the introductory part with good ending and summarization of the paper purpose as it directs the reader towards the real discussion of the paper. If one can understand the pattern and components of an introduction, he or she can clearly observe various research actions that are necessarily involved in formulating a comprehensive term paper introduction.

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How to Write Introductory Paragraph of a Term Paper

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This article was published on 2012/04/07