Recycled Paper in the Twenty First Century

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If you ask ten people what comes to mind when you say recycled paper, you are likely to get a variety of answers. Some people automatically think of stacks of news print waiting to be sent to a recycling plant for regeneration as paper towels and napkins. Others may think of their trendy note cards and thank-you notes with bright green polka-dots and bold stripes on the matching envelopes. A couple of people may even tell you that "recycling isn't their thing".

Companies and individuals have gradually become increasingly motivated to be kind to the planet with eco-friendly products and practices. The first recycled paper products were often recognized by their appearance—generally the surface was less consistently colored and there was a tendency for the papers to be thicker or thinner than expected, rougher than desired or otherwise perceived as just slightly inferior. Early recycling pioneers embraced the obvious differences and proudly displayed them as badges, evidence that they cared about the planet. Engaged activists are still busy trying to get the word out; however, today there is less of a divide between those that routinely recycle paper and those that do not. Even though some products are still easily identified as different, there is not a negative connotation around that fact today!

Consumers have come to appreciate the beauty and benefits of reclaiming paper waste to create new products. Dozens of products are available from office supplies to home cleaning tools. Consider the greeting card industry as just one niche segment that utilizes paper recycling on a regular basis. Stationery products naturally lend themselves to a "green policy". There are hundreds of different colors, styles and sizes of papers for communication purposes. Business letterhead, envelopes, personal stationery and invitations are just a few of the items that are manufactured with recycled paper. There are also many green desk calendars, blotters, personal day planners and other paper tools that keep us organized.

Going green is convenient and affordable in the twenty-first century. Browsing online catalogs, consumers will find eloquent wedding invitations, cheery note cards and customized stationery for their personal letter writing. It saves time and gas when compared to driving around town looking for the color and texture you want. Get started today; take some time to look at the new stationery and compare recycled paper products in the marketplace.

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Recycled Paper in the Twenty First Century

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Recycled Paper in the Twenty First Century

This article was published on 2012/04/13