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Paper recycling is the process when waste paper is changed into new useable paper. Recycling is also a good practice in the community. To recycle paper takes less energy that to produce new paper. Early Recycling Recycling has been a common practice, with a record advocates as far a Plato in 400 BC. When resources were scarce, the ancient waste dumps show less household waste- implying that more waste was recycled in the absence of new material. Recycling became a commercial proposition since Mattias Koop established a Neckinger Mill in 1826 which produced white paper from waste paper.

Why Recycling Paper is good - Recycling paper reduces waste in communities. -Less pollution in the environment promoting a better and clean environment. -Less energy is used to recycle than to make a new paper. -Helps in the process were plants and animals depend to each other (Eco-system). -Conserves resources -Reduces the need of new landfills and incinerators - Stimulates the growth of greener technology

How Paper is Recycled - The first task is to collect papers from the bins or even from the dumping. Adding hot water to the papers and applying a mechanical action to separate the fibers. Screening is done to remove any contaminates larger than the fibers. Centrifugal cleaning. Flotation is when the foam is removed the pulp is made brighter. Kneading or dispersion Washing to remove unwanted small particles. Beaching, using peroxide to remove the color from the pulp.

Before the true Paper was invented in China people used many kinds of papers which were:

Stone - Egyptians chiseled hieroglyphics on stones

Bricks - Babylonians incised letters into soft clay and baked tablets

Metals - Romans stamped letters metals

Vegetation - Writing on palms and other trees

Bark - Symbols were written on thee bark of white birch in North America


Parchment - Parchment is like a sheet made from sheeps skin. They spitted the skin and used the inner for parchment.

Vellum -Vellum was from calfs skin and made the some as parchment.

Papyrus - Papyrus was made from an aquatic plant. The word paper was derived from Papyrus.

Recycling is really a good practice in the community. It shows that it is not craze of modern society, but it shows our inner desire to do more with less.

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Recycling Paper

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This article was published on 2010/03/31