The Ideal Paper Shredder

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The world is moving and advancing at an alarming pace. Never before has information been so coveted and vital, but in this information age, there is an increased need for establishing and maintaining higher standards of security. Your bank statements, you receipts, and many other things leave a risky paper trail.

Maybe your documents do not have account information, but they do show signs of your spending habits. Whatever it may be, you are wise to get your hands on a paper shredder. There are all kinds of paper shredders out there, but the ideal paper shredder is one that won’t jam, requires little maintenance and can actually stand a decent paper load.

So, how do I know this? Well, I have bought many paper shredders, that I thought were “good values” only to have them break within several days or weeks. What did all of these shredders have in common? They were cheap. I was always looking to cut corners by buying cheap paper shredders that did not get the job done. Yes, they did maintain my privacy and destroy information in the best way possible aside from starting a bonfire, but they sure did not last.

As I mentioned before, the ideal paper shredder will have the following features:

* Strong Gears: you need to get a shredder with strong gears so that it does not jam. All of my cheap shredders had weak gears and did not last.

* Strong Motor: a strong motor will not jam unless overloaded and requires much less work than those cheap motors I bought in the past.

* Capacity: you want to make sure that any shredder you buy is able to hold the contents that you shred over time. Usually, many of the cheap shredders are also small shredders creating more work than necessary. You have to constantly empty the paper bin AND fix the shredder? No thank you. Size matters with these shredders.

The good thing is that finding the ideal paper shredder is not too hard at all. Most office supply stores sell a variety of paper shredders and the best are a bit pricier, but will save you time and help maintain your privacy. Remember, being cheap about your paper shredder can be very costly to your confidential information.

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The Ideal Paper Shredder

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The Ideal Paper Shredder

This article was published on 2011/06/23